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Course Addicts Anonymous

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Are You a Course Addict?

Not sure?

Can you say YES to any of the following?

🚨 Signs You Might Be a Course Addict:

  1. Your digital library is bursting, but you've only completed 10% of the courses.
  2. You get more excited about buying a course than finishing one.
  3. "I'll start it next week" is your mantra.
  4. You've forgotten some courses you've bought.
  5. The thought of not buying a course during a sale gives you FOMO.

🚨 "Tired of Buying Course After Course Without Taking Action? Discover the Secret to Breaking the Cycle in Just 5 Days!" 🚨

Hey there, fellow course-buying addicts.

I've been in your shoes way too many times.

My digital library was overflowing with courses, each promising to be the key to success.

But the truth?

I barely touched them.

The allure of the next shiny course always seemed more appealing than actually diving into one I already had.

Writing as Therapy

I've always known the transformative power of writing, but I never connected it to helping me overcome my course-buying addiction.

But, starting my own newsletter, The Peripheral, became my therapy, my outlet, and my way of taking real action. It wasn't about hoarding knowledge anymore; it was about sharing it, implementing it, and connecting with others.

🌟 Introducing the CAA 5-Day Email Series 🌟

  1. Break the Cycle: Dive into our proven strategies to stop the course buying addiction with fun and humor.
  2. Transformative Actions: Each day, receive actionable steps to shift from course hoarding to course soaring.
  3. Community Support: Join others on the same journey, share your progress, and celebrate your wins.

BONUS: Once you complete the 5-day series, discover how starting your own newsletter can be the ultimate solution to course addiction. I will show you step-by-step how to set one up with ease.

Get Started Now! Ready to change your course-buying habits for good? Sign up for our FREE 5-day email series now and embark on a journey from course addict to course hero and turn your passion into action.

Your Path to Recovery and Success

Course Rehab Program:

  • 5-Day Free Email Series: Dive deep into understanding the root of course addiction and discover actionable steps to overcome it.
  • Community Membership: Connect with others on the same path, share your progress, and celebrate your wins together.
  • 3-Month No-Course Buying Pact: Commit to change with accountability and support.

FREE---> Sign up NOW!

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Course Addicts Anonymous

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